How high will a washing machine pump water?

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Washing machine uses water to clean your clothes. You can call it the key component for your washer. So, how does that water get inside your washing machine? Well, the answer is drain pipe and takes care of the water flow.

Installation of the drain hose needs to be in a proper manner to get the best out of the washing machine. One of the key factors is the height of your washing machine. Different washing machines have different minimal and maximum margins for the drain pipe installation height. The best way to figure them out is to check out your washer guideline.

How high will a washing machine pump water?

Follow the package guideline

Every washer includes the guideline with the package and if you don’t find them then you should call the manufacture. Tell them the model of your machine and they will provide the required details. It is a better choice not to go for the maximum height as it reduces the flow of the water.

It will make it far more time-consuming for your cleaning work. The middle point is the best option that you can go for your washer. Expert says with the addition of 1 foot to the height the flow will reduce to 1 gallon per minute. On average, a washer can pump water of 15 gallons per minute.

The 15-gallon water pumping will stay stable up to five feet. The higher you go the lower the flow rate will fall. ½ inside diameter (I.D) is the best option for your water pumping. Mostly 39” is the max height that you can have for the washing machine.

30” will be the best option that you can have for the pumping option. It will properly do the work for you and it will the best choice too. The modern washer also comes with a permanently installed drain hose and solves the problem for you. If you are still confused about the matter then you should go with one of them.

Below maximum but above minimum

A permanently attached drain hose makes the work easier for you as it is draining installation foolproof. So, the maximum height that a washing machine can pump water is around three and a half feet. Still, your washing machine can have different criteria.

Check out the number on the guideline and complete the installation work. Even the people who are new to these types of work can easily do the installation work at the right height for the washing machine water pumping.