Washing Machine Making Noise When Agitating

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There can be many reasons why your washing machine is making a noise. If it is happening during the agitating phase, then you should read this article to get rid of this.

Drum bearings hold the bad noise of the washing machine and make sure it does not create any noise during agitating. If there is some bad noise during agitating, then you should look for the failed drum bearings. To know more about the problem of bad noise, you need to read the whole article.

Washing Machine Making Noise When Agitating

How to know what is making the noise when agitating?

As I have mentioned before, failed drum bearings can be the reason for your problem. But to make it sure, you need to go throw some process. Turn off the machine and go for the drum bearings. Manually spin the drum using your hand if it makes some noise then this is the culprit for your problem.

Huge movement in the inner drum during the spin can also be the reason for this problem. If you see none of this noise problem during the spin, then it is not the bearings that are making the noise. You should look for the other parts which might be responsible for your noise when agitating problem.

Failed drive pulley can also be the reason for your problem, and you need to inspect it too. Overloading sometimes creates problems in the motor coupling, which can also lead to noise during agitating. Give a full-body check to your washing machine to make sure nothing else making this problem for you. 

How to get rid of this problem when agitating?

If the problem is in the drum bearing, then you should go with a replacement. If you have some mechanical knowledge, then you can easily do it by yourself. The drum should be removed from the outer panel.

If you are not so familiar with this kind of works, then it better for you to get professional help. If other parts like drive pulley or motor coupling are making the problem, then you should also replace them with a new one.

Washing machine failures mostly happens when you do overloads most often. To stay out of this noise when agitating problem it is better to keep the loads light for the washer. Besides, there can be many other causes for your noise problem. If you can’t get help with this answer, then it is better to have professional help for the work.  

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