Washing Machine Drainage Options

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Drainage options are very important in a washing machine. They are responsible for removing the used water from your washing machine. If they are not working properly, then you are going to face a lot of problem regarding it. Besides, you can also go with different options for your washing machine according to your need. More briefly about the washing machine, drainage options are discussed in the section down.

Washing Machine Drainage Options

Laundry Tub

When your wash cycle is running, dirty water needs to be replaced with the clean water. It is essential to get the proper cleaning of your clothes. Besides, a laundry tub is one of the best options for your washing machine drainage option. The drain hose usually is located above the ground about 25-30 inches. The laundry tub will get into the work below 12-18 inches. Most of the premium washing manufacturer recommended this specification for your drainage option laundry tub.

Stand Pipe

You can also install a standpipe for your washing machine drainage work. If you have some knowledge about plumbing, then you can easily do the work by yourself. Besides, professional plumbers are also not that much expensive. It will be better for the work if you go with a standpipe which is at least 2 inches in diameter so the water can flow properly. 1.5 inches standpipe can also do the work, but things can block the water flow very quickly in a small diameter drainage option.

Underground Pipe Connection

This option is the best one for your drainage work, but they are also expensive at the same time. Standpipe will also take part in this work, but some part of it will go underground. If you have a concrete wall, then you need to dig it down and make some room for the pipes. The pipe will connect with the washing machine and get down to the floor and push the water out of the house in your wastewater storage.

Which drainage option is better for you?

You need to take few points into consideration when you are going for the best washing machine drainage option. If you are going to be with the same washing machine for an extended period of time, then it is best to go with the underground pipe connection option.  But if you are low in budget and looking for something which you can efficiently complete for your work, then the other two mentioned options are for you. More hear about washing machine cleaner.