Washing Machine Belt – Noise, loose, burning – replacement

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The washing machine is an appliance that we all use on a regular basis. If you have washing machine if any type front loading or top loading you should know about washing machine belt. Because this simple part is important to run your machine smoothly.

Sometimes you need to adjust it and sometimes you have to replace with new one. There are several steps that you should follow before you make the purchase. Learn some terms and follow the steps below.

Take a look at attached video that will show you how to replace the washing machine belt. It’s a simple task that anyone can do.

Washing Machine Belt

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Releted component of washing machine belt

A short description of each components. That will help you better understanding to findout the problems of belt or others.

Location of belt

Your front load washing machine’s belt is on the rear of the machine and in the middle of the drum covering the drum pulley. The belt is usually between the drive motor and the drum pulley.

And the top loading washer belt is on the bottom of machines. The function is both type washing belt to drive the the washing drum by connecting motor and drum shaft with pulley.

Usually fron load washer best rotate vertically and top load washer belt connected and rotate horizontally.

Belt Pulley

The washing machine belt pulley is a device that allows you to start and stop your washer. The pulley is mounted on the outside of the washing machine drum, and it can be used to manually start your washer. The belt is located where the drum belt is, and it’s made of alloy . The pulley can be adjusted to adjust the tension on the belt. This allows your washer to run in different speeds.

Drive motor

The drive motor is one of the main component of washing machine. It is located on the bottom of machine. Belt transmit the rotating power to drum pulley then start the clothes on the washing machine.

Washing machine belt tension

A washing machine belt is used on both type top loading and front loading washing machine. The belt can be damaged in many ways, but most often, it’s the result of an overstressed pulley. Motor pulley are there to transmit the motion to the drive belt to the drum shaft of the washing machine, but they can wear out, causing the belt to stretch too much and the pulley to snap. This type of damage is usually found in models with top load washing machines, but some mid-range machines are also prone to belt damage.

The sings of washing machine belt problems

If washing machine belt is going to fault it create some symptoms like noise, loosen, smoke or smell. I have described details below.

Noise from belt

While many people pay little attention to their washing machine when it is in use and not noticing any noise, if you start noticing noise coming from the machine either coming from the motor or the belt, it is worth taking a look.

Belt become loose

When the washing machine’s belt becomes loose, it does not spin the drum correctly. This could cause excessive vibration, noise, and damage to the belt. If the washing machine’s belt is loose, then you need to tighten it.

A washing machine drum spins at high speeds, which can cause a washing machine belt to stretch and eventually become loose. It is important to check your washing machine belt on a regular basis and replace it with a new one if needed.

Washing machine belt can become loose or break when the bearings are clogged. If the bearings are clogged, the machine will be unable to turn the pulley correctly, so there will be slack on the belt.

The belt can become loose if the pulley is not properly aligned because of a defective or cracked coupling.

Washing machine belt burning smell and Smoke

As the load of a washing machine increases, the belt’s edge begins to heat up and become a source of smoke. This is caused by friction, as the belt rubs against the drum pulley.

It also may cause the machine to vibrate, creating the appearance of smoke. This can be due to tension or excessive wear and tear on the belt.

On the top load washer the main reason of smoking the belt is wash cycle is too long.

Washing machine belt tension

If you feel it is loosen the belt you have to adjust the tension of best as normal. To do this first loosen the mounting nut for the motor and push the entire motor to increase the tension on the belt. You can use a long screw driver to move the motor and hold until final tighten of nuts. Befor you tight the nuts you should feel the tension of belt is not too tight or too lose keep it normal.

At the time you are tightening the nuts you need to use your two hand keep the motor on right position by one hand and tight the nut by another hand. You need a socket wrench to do this job done.


How to replace a washing machine belt?

A washing machine’s belt is the belt that drives the drum. If the belt is worn or damaged, you can replace the belt easily. To replace a washing machine belt, first identify the type of belt that you have on your machine.

Use a screwdriver to remove the access panel on back of the machine. Locate the pulley for the washing machine drive belt. Slide the belt off the pulley and remove the belt. It will be removed from the pulley wheel fixed to the motor shaft. Slide the new belt onto the both pulley and push it all the way around the pulley until it fits snugly. place the access panel with screw back of the machine. Turn on the machine and check for shake, vibration, noise whatever happened before.

A comparison about washing machine belt drive vs direct drive system

Belt drive system

The drive belt is positioned between the pulley wheel and the motor. A conveyor belt runs through the pulley form the motor with the belt, and the belt is made of rubber.

Most washing machines today have a conventional drive system, which means that a steel pulley is attached to a motor shaft, which is connected to a pulley wheel that turns the drum. This simple mechanical design has been used for years, and today’s modern washing machines are more powerful and more reliable than ever.

Direct drive system

The newest technologies available for washing machines. The system is a direct drive system, meaning it doesn’t have a traditional motor, drum pulley and belt mechanism. Instead, it consists of a rotor and a stator.

The rotor is a small component that sits in the middle of the washing machine, with the stator wrapped around it. The rotor is connected to the washing machine drum by a shaft that rotates inside the stator. The system is energy saving and eco-friendly.

In the long run you will save money by paying less electricity bill compared to belt drive system. The initial cost of this machine is little higher than belt system. But performance of the machine is higher also its creates less noise less vibration and less wear and tear than belt drive system.

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