Twin Tub Washing Machine

You have many different options when you are looking for a washing machine. Besides top loaders and front loaders, twin tub washing machine is also popular among some users. If you are planning to have a washing machine, then the twin tub can be worth to give a look. But you should know about its pros and cons before getting one twin tub washer for you. Let’s hover down and see what it has to offer.

When should you buy or not buy a twin tub washing machine?

The washing machine needs water to clean cloths. Washer like top-loader and front-loader does not come with an option to choose your water level according to your need. If you are living in a location where you have a scarcity of water, then a twin tub washing machine can be a great option for you. You can choose your water level according to your requirement and save water. Besides, used water will not be removed until you command. So, you can recycle the water in the next wash or pour it in the tree of the garden. The best thing is that twin-tube is more affordable compared to other top and front loader washer.

Twin tub washing machine is an old classic design washer. If you love to do things manually, then you are going to have a great time with this washing machine. People with a need for this certain quality in a washing machine are good to go with the twin tub washer for their work. As I said before, the twin tub is the old washer of the industry. So, you need to give more effort to work with them comparing to other washing machines. If you love to do everything automatically, then this twin tub washing machine is not for you.    

How to use a twin tub washing machine?

You can guess from the name that this type of washing machine has two different twin tubes. Every one of the tubs has its own specific work to do. In most twin tub, washing tube is on the left side. You need to put your clothes in this tub to wash, rinse and soak. After the wash, you need to put the washed clothes manually in the next tub. The second tub will spin out the extra moisture from the cloth so that you can quickly dry them. The waters of the twin-tube washing machine need to be supplied manually by attaching a drain hose.