How to stack a dryer on top of the washing machine?

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We all don’t have the glory to live in a large space. Most of the people in the world lived in a compact space and they need to fit all the things as minimal space as possible.

Even from the smallest share, washing machine and dryer get the smallest of all. I know many families who do not get a washing machine and dryer because they don’t have enough space in their apartment.

Stacking the dryer on top of the washing machine can be a solution for you. On the other way around don’t plan to put the washing machine at the top of the dryer.

Dimension and regular physics and stack

Besides, you also need to make sure that the dryer is smaller than the washing machine. It is nothing but regular physics.

If you put something heavier on top of a tighter object then the lighter object is not going to hold the heavier one. When you are done with it then go for the washing machine and dryer measurement and make sure it is going to fit perfectly in your chosen space.

This part is crucial and you need to do it in a proper manner. After that, go for the dimension of the dryer and washing machine. It will determine whether the stacking of the dryer on top of the washing machine will work or not.

The dimension of the dryer needs to be smaller than the washing machine as mentioned earlier. It will be a better choice from your side if you choose the dryer and washer from the same brand.

Other brands will also work but it is better to walk on the same road for the same work. Take to the manufacturer to make sure that the stacking of the dryer on the top of washing machine is safe.

Get the stacking kit according to your washing machine and dryer brands. Same brand dryer and washing machine choice will also help you at this point.

Help from Experts to Stacking Dryer

Putting the dryer at the top of a washing machine is a heavy task. You need some help from at least one able-bodied person at the installation work.

If you are not so comfortable with the work then you can take help from experts. There are many washing machine service providers that you can find online.

After the stacking of the dryer on top of the washing machine, run a test cycle that the machine is working properly according to your desire.