How to level a top-loading washing machine?

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Washing machine is designed for leveled ground. You can’t place them on an uneven floor and desire the best result out of them. It will produce different types of problems for your washer if you don’t install it on a level floor. You need to be careful about the surface that you are going for the washer placement. Carpets or even a soft floor bed will be a bad option for your washing machine. This type of choice will make the washer unpleasant for your service. Problems like vibration and odor will start to show up on the game.

How to level a top-loading washing machine

Get rid of the shipping part

Shipping bolts can also be the culprits for the problem. You need to remove it from the washing machine. They are not meant to be with the washing machine. They are used just for shipping safety. If you are using a pedestal for the installation then the first level that on the floor. After that, attach the washer with the pedestal and level the washer too. It is easier to adjust the leveling when you are going for the first installation. If you are going for the leveling after the installation work then there are different procedures for the work.

Locking nuts are holding the washer so you need to lose them first. Washer legs also need some screw work to gain the desired result that you are hoping for from your washing machine. You need to pick the right spot for your washer placement. It needs to be even otherwise it is almost impossible to level the washing machine. When you put together all this then it is time for you to move the washer to the chosen location. Washer legs need to be screwed in a proper fashion so that all the legs touch the floor and do not make any rocking problem. best top loading washer and dryers

Test the washing machine installation

Test the rocking in all directions. If you find any rocking then go for the right leg and unscrew it. Fit it properly so that the legs touch the floor and the rocking problem ends. When you are satisfied with the leveling then do the locking nuts tightening. Test the vibration of the washer using a wash cycle and also a level that can be helpful for your cause. It is very important to level the washing machine in a proper manner to get rid of odd vibrations and odors of the washer.