Washing Machine Making Noise When Agitating

There can be many reasons why your washing machine is making a noise. If it is happening during the agitating phase, then you should read this article to get rid of this. Drum bearings hold the bad noise of the washing machine and make sure it does not create any noise during agitating. If there … Read more

How high will a washing machine pump water?

Washing machine uses water to clean your clothes. You can call it the key component for your washer. So, how does that water get inside your washing machine? Well, the answer is drain pipe and takes care of the water flow. Installation of the drain hose needs to be in a proper manner to get … Read more

How to get socks out of the washing machine?

Socks are tiny wearing that can easily get lost. Well, it is not a problem if it gets lost on the load of the clothes in your wardrobe. The main problem arises when it gets stuck inside the washing machine. You are going to face lots of shaky problems, irritating noise and even bad odor … Read more

How to level a top-loading washing machine?

Washing machine is designed for leveled ground. You can’t place them on an uneven floor and desire the best result out of them. It will produce different types of problems for your washer if you don’t install it on a level floor. You need to be careful about the surface that you are going for … Read more

Why and How to break a dishwasher?

The dishwasher is a great home appliance for your home but every appliances has a lifetime after a certain time some appliances brings many problems. Sometimes like its brings a hefty amount of energy bill with that. There can be many other reasons why you want to break your dishwasher so I am not going … Read more

How far can a washing machine be from the drain?

Washing machine becomes one of the key gadgets of the modern house. It makes your life easier and allows you to spend some quality time with your family. But a washing machine has many parts and all of them have their own information. Gathering all of them in one place is a tough ask but … Read more

How to get rid of foam in the washing machine?

You need detergents to wash your clothes. They will produce foam and that is nothing unreal. But it can be a problem when it gets too much. You are not going to love the poem that this circumstance is going to bring for your clothes. One of the key components of the wash cycle is … Read more

How to ship a washing machine?

Let me guess that you are asking that for your online shop. In this case, shipping distance will vary the cost but the packaging is going to be the same. You need to be careful when you are shipping a washing machine as it can’t take much hard, pressure. Packaging needs to be good so … Read more