Homelabs compact countertop dishwasher reviews

Homelabs compact countertop dishwasher reviews
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Want to know more about the homelabs compact countertop dishwasher before buying?

Pretty well! You are in the right place.

Let’s face it. It’s not an easy task to find out the best countertop dishwasher in 2019. There are plenty of dishwasher companies on the market who are trying to sell dishwashers at present.

But, the matter is which company’s goods are perfect for your kitchen and which dishwasher will increase your kitchen’s beauty, along with fulfilling your needs.

In today’s article, we’re going to inform you about the homelabs countertop dishwasher that you may check out now. Let’s look at a glance before buying this one.

Dishwasher is a very common part of the kitchen for the time being, and it’ll help you to enhance your kitchen’s beauty. For this reason, one should focus enough before buying a dishwasher today. Noted that we’d found all the necessary parts you expect.

Compact for Small Kitchen:

As it’s a compact dishwasher, it’s a piece of cake to install little storage space. There is no doubt that the dishwasher can fit comfortably on the countertop of a kitchen.


If you ask which one part makes homeLabs countertop dishwasher different from others, then it’s its motels. It’s made out of highly valuable materials. The interior design of the dishwasher is made from sleek stainless steel. In addition to this, some of the exterior parts are made from plastic.

Best overall, you won’t face any manufactured issue with the dishwasher at all.

Interior Design:

The layout of the dishwasher is good enough to enhance your kitchen’s beauty.

Almost everyone knows that white color dishwasher is very much preferable for standard kitchen. Moreover, its interior color is white, which is matched with every kitchen’s color.

Exterior Design:

Apart from this, the exterior part of this dishwasher is cool and worth watching. Here, though most of the pieces are made from plastic, the user won’t face any issue after using plenty of days.

Ease of Use:

It goes without saying that it’s a piece of cake to install and has ease of use.

Installing a new homeLabs countertop dishwasher will only take a couple of minutes from you. Moreover, as the dishwasher is portable, you’re able to put it away while not in use. Besides this, you can take it without any hassle with you at the time of moving to another place.

However, by the rinse aid dispenser, the user is capable of drying glass, mug, plate, and others without streaks or marks in no time.

Once you switch on the dishwasher after getting prepared, everything will come out super clean for the first time so far.

Level of Recommendation:

After researching 559 customer reviews, we can ensure that the hOmeLabs countertop dishwasher can hold a surprising amount of dishes on it at the same time. Some of the previous buyers make sure that it can hold up full-size tongs, medium size pots, and many more.

Needless to say, the countertop dishwasher saves your time, water, and energy as well.

Considering all the facts (especially interior and exterior design and product materials), this is the perfect one for the modern kitchen. Hence, it’s for those who are very much eager for their kitchen’s beauty.

It’s highly recommended for those who want to get a super-duper cleaning experience.

Control Panel:

This homeLabs countertop is a fantastic dishwasher because of its control panel. There is a small control menu bar on the top of the front side of the dishwasher. That’s why changing the cycle one to another, stopping, and pausing are nothing but a game of your hand.

To keep you informed that there are six cycle options of the dishwasher. These are listed below.

  1. Heavy: it’s for cleaning dirt hard.
  2. Normal: it’s for length cleaning.
  3. ECO: it’s a method of heating the water more slowly for a long period of time.
  4. Glass: it’s for glass washing.
  5. Speed: it’s for the fastest dishwasher cycle.
  6. Rinse: it’s for taking a primary wash before the final one.

Brand Awareness:

homeLabs is homeLabs! There is no alternative to this brand. In the last couple of years, homeLabs is leading in the dishwasher brand with making its customers happy.

Thanks to homeLabs for manufacturing such a dishwasher. Eager Star certifies this countertop dishwasher so it can be used without any doubt.

Anyway, it’s committed to bringing thoughtfully designed products for the customers.

Product Value VS Price:

If you compare this one with the dishwasher of other leading brands, then it will be clearer to you that it’s fit enough for you. Because it has all the necessary parts. So that should have in a countertop dishwasher.

On the other hand, the price of this dishwasher isn’t very high to carry on. So, you can check it out bang on.


The homeLabs countertop dishwasher comes with two years of warranty. In place of this, it can be extended an extra six months if you register on the company’s website at the time of buying.


  • The homeLabs countertop dishwasher comes with all the necessary attachments.
  • It’s a piece of cake for its user to install and set up the dishwasher in no time.
  • The dishwasher is pretty quiet. Sound isn’t so loud and annoying.
  • It’s great for two or three people to use in day to day life.
  • It needs little space to set up.
  • The dishwasher is portable and easy to reinstall.
  • There is an indicator light to let you know when you should refill the dispenser.
  • With the six place settings, it’s a piece of cake to wash different kinds of dishes.


  • It’s a bit show.
  • It might warm on the outside after a few minutes operation.
  • The surface may dent easily.

Final Verdict:

In a nutshell, don’t forget to check the connection on the back of the dishwasher whenever you’re going to turn on the water. The reason behind it the connection may lose if you cut off the hoses after the last use. Eventually, it may cause a leak.

Finally, remember that time when we were used to washing dishes by hand, and that process was time-consuming and waste of water. However, homelabs compact countertop dishwasher would be your good assistant

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