Do Dishwashers Kill Germs?

A dishwasher is well-known for its top-quality at washing dishes. But there are many other dangerous things in our plates rather than the food waste. It can be so little that you can’t even see it in your open eyes but they are the most harmful substances and the reason for your bad health. Does … Read more

Will Dishwasher Dull Knives?

You may think that having a dishwasher at your home means you don’t need to use your hand to wash anymore. But the truth is that your dishwasher is not comfortable with all your dishes and cutlery. If you create a list which you should not put inside a dishwasher then knives will obviously be … Read more

Will Dishwasher Kill Mold?

Dishwasher works with water to clean your dishes which is in the ranges of 120 degrees Fahrenheit minimum to 150 degrees Fahrenheit at max. Different kind of mold can build their home on your plates. Most of the mold can easily live in a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides, some of them can even … Read more

When the dishwasher is not cleaning well?

Dishwasher is built in a way so that it can clean the dishes well enough. But what if dishwasher is not cleaning well and you are facing a problem with it. There can be many different reasons. Usually, unwanted dirt inside the dishwasher is the main culprit of this problem. I am here to help … Read more

When dishwasher leaks?

Sometimes, dishwasher leakage comes out of the blue. It becomes harder for you to locate the origin of this problem. We have created a checklist that can easily help you to find the leakage spot and fix it. All the points related to dishwasher leakage will be discussed in this article. Most of the time … Read more

Why Dishwasher Air Gap?

Many of the dishwasher users have no idea what is the dishwasher air gap and why it is necessary. If you call a plumber and tell about the contamination of your dishwasher then he will obviously advise you to install the air gap in the dishwasher. All the wastewater that can overflow into your dishwasher … Read more

Dishwasher Qualification for Job

Dishwashers play a supportive role in a kitchen. They are there to help in a variety of work. When you are going to join as a dishwasher then you should be prepared for extra works at your workplace. The dishwasher qualification for a job depends on the requirement of the recruiter. Hard-working ability will get … Read more

How many dishwashers in a restaurant?

Dishwasher is one of the main components of a restaurant. It plays the most vital role in cleaning the dishes and other cutlery. Besides, it is also very helpful in doing the work at a quick pace. Without a dishwasher at a restaurant, it is hard to cope up with the pressure. It also has … Read more

What to do if dishwasher smells?


A dishwasher is just a machine, like many other ones. It is not flawless and comes with different problems from time to time. Dishwasher smell is a significant problem, and most of us find it hard to fight with. I will say with proper action you can easily keep your dishwasher away from frustrating smells. … Read more

How Do Dishwasher pods work?

Dishwasher works on your behalf at the cleaning work. Using regular soap is not very effective at this work. Dishwasher pods can be an excellent companion for this work at your side. You just need to put the dishwasher pods in the right position and they will do the work for you at total ease. … Read more