Will Dishwasher Dull Knives?

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You may think that having a dishwasher at your home means you don’t need to use your hand to wash anymore. But the truth is that your dishwasher is not comfortable with all your dishes and cutlery. If you create a list which you should not put inside a dishwasher then knives will obviously be at the top of the list. Sharp knives’ job is to be sharp and cut things easily. But when you put them inside a dishwasher then it became dull and lost its capability of cutting things smoothly. I will try to elaborate more briefly about this problem in the section down below.   

Will Dishwasher Dull Knives?

What actually happens to your knives inside the dishwasher?

Dishwasher is a machine that uses water flow to wash the dishes. In every single cycle, you are going to see a dish round trip inside the dishwasher. The blades of the sharp knife will not be so comfortable with this incident. As they are sharp, if you put anything else with them then they are going to damage them too. You are going to see scratches on your dishes if you put them together in a wash cycle. The entire machine can also encounter severe damage if you decided to put your knives inside your dishwasher.

The water inside a dishwasher used to be hot and can cause some damage to the blades and even the handles of the knives. Wooden handle and carbon steel knives is not a wise decision to wash inside a dishwasher. Besides, ceramic knives will also go through the same phase. The detergent that you used to wash the dishes inside a dishwasher is also not sharp blades friendly. You are going to face dullness in your knives when you wash your knives using dishwasher detergents.      

How should you wash your sharp knives?

We have consulted some knives expert to know how to properly wash your dishwasher. Most of them recommended using hot water but not boiling one. Oiling the blades before hot water washing will be beneficial for the knives blade. When you are choosing a cleaning agent for your blades then you should go with the regular soap. They are entirely capable of giving you perfect clean without any damage to your knives’ blades. Following these simple steps, you can keep your knives sharp and rust-free. More to know about dishwasher safety instructions and safe symbol

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