What makes dishwasher smell?

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There are many reasons why your dishwasher smells that bad. Mostly it is happening because of the leftover foods inside your dishwasher. Besides, bent drain hose or low poisoned drain hose can also be the culprit of this dishwasher smell problem.  You need to figure out the actual cause of this problem and take action accordingly. I am going to share some points about what makes dishwasher smell terrible. You will find it helpful at your regular washing work.

Food particles inside the filters

What makes dishwasher smell?

Dishwasher filters play a vital role in the cleaning process. When you wash dishes with food then it needs to throw the filters. Sometimes, some foods get stuck inside the dishwasher filters and start to rot after a certain period of time. It does not happen in a single go. If you keep the filter on a regular check-in basis then you can easily get relief from this problem. Filters need to be removed and wash with warm water using a cleaning agent.

Bent or low drain hose

Dishwasher drain hose works to throw out the dirty water from the dishwasher.  After every end cycle, used water need to be poured out of the dishwasher. Otherwise, it can create some problems for you later on. Bent drain hose can’t do the work in proper manner, so the water gets back into the dishwasher and start to create a home for bacteria and virus.

You need to keep it straight and make sure that all the dirty water is going off the dishwasher in a proper way. Besides, low positioned drain hose lost the ability to flow back-water in the bottom of the dishwasher. It creates a loop and becomes a reason for dishwasher smell. Follow the drain hose instruction within the dishwasher package so that you don’t need to encounter this kind of problem.

Dishwasher not in use

A machine does not love to sit alone for an extended period of time. You may be not at home, and the dishwasher is not in use for so many days. It will kill the moisture inside the dishwasher and start to build bacteria and viruses. You will begin to sense the bad smell when you return back to your home. I am not telling you that you can’t leave alone your dishwasher for so many days and go for a trip. But you need to take a few precautions before doing these things. You can keep the door of the dishwasher open slightly so that the moisture inside it can dry and keep it fresh.

Outside environment of a dishwasher

When you attach a dishwasher into your cabinet then there might be some space for other animals to crawl under it. You need to screw out the dishwasher from the cabinet and check out what is going out under it. Sometimes, foods also fall under the dishwasher and lead to a bad smell. Your dishwasher can be fresh from the inside, but the outside environment can be culprit at this point. Keep these places in check from time to time. This can’t lead to a nasty smell inside the dishwasher but will feel like it is happening inside the dishwasher.          

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