Washing Machine Valve

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The water inside your washing machine goes throw two different pipes. One pipe holds the hot water and the other one make sure proper hot water supply is flowing inside your washing machine. If they are not functioning accordingly, then your washing machine is not going to work properly. To know more about the washing machine valve seek inside.  

Washing Machine Valve Replacement

As I said before, Washing machine valve is responsible for the water flow inside your washing machine. If anything goes wrong inside it, then it is time for you to do some fixing. If repairing or cleaning the water valve does not work, then it is time for you to replace it. Done some testing on your washing machine valve to make sure it really needs a replacement.  

Washing Machine Valve Box

If you want some easy and safe access to your shut off water supply feature then washing machine valve box can come handy for your work. You can easily get rid of the water waste when you have one of them by your side. Risk of installation error reduced when you have the best washer valve box by your side. So make sure you grab a premium quality washing machine valve box for your work.    

Washing Machine Valve Cap 

Unwanted flooding can come into action anytime for your washing machine. Well, every problem has a solution. This problem-solution name is washing machine valve cap. You can easily install them in your unused washing valve and get rid of the problem once time for all.  

Washing Machine Valve Leaking

Washing machine valve leakage problem can come into sight for many reasons. One of them is the improper attachment of the valve. If it has some loose hose connection or something similar like that, then it can easily lead to problems likes washing machine valve leakage. You need to be careful as washing machine valve plays a vital role in your washer function.   

Washing Machine Valve Tee

If you want water flow from two different lines or the water lines needed a separation, then a washing machine valve tee is required for your task. The joint gets the name from its shape like “T”. What type of washer valve tee you need depends on your water flow direction requirement.      

Washing Machine Valve Price Range

The price range of a washing machine valve depends on the quality of it. You can get a premium quality washing machine valve within $30-40. But if you are going to ask a plumber for help, then it is going to cost you triple. Doing the installation work by your own hand will save you a lot of bucks.  


What kind of valve does a washing machine use?

Generally, there are three valves in a washing machine. One is for the cold water, and the other one is for the hot water. Turn off and on the signal on these two valves is controlled by the third one named solenoid valve. It functions according to its program and control when the washer valve will turn off or turn on.    

How do you fix a washing machine valve?

If you are facing any problem with the water flow inside your washer, then it is time for you to check the water valve condition. Sometimes loose hose can be the reason for the problem, and it can be solved easily. You may also need a replacement if it is broken and can’t be fixed.  

How do you install a washing machine valve?

Turn off your washer water supply and remove the handle from the stem. Get rid of the packing nut and remove the old washing machine valve. Next, it is time to put on the new washing machine valve and screw the nuts back. Reattach the handle and check the performance.  

How much does it cost to replace a washer valve?

Cost of replacing a washer valve depends on two things. One is the washer valve, and the second one is the labour to install it. You can get a premium quality washing valve within $40 range. But the labour will vary according to your plumber skills. If you can do the work by yourself, then it is going to be great save for the new washer valve installation.    

Should I turn off the water to washing machine every time?

Water flow generates pressure on your washing machine valve. When you don’t turn it off after use, then the massive pressure can lead to leakage or some other problem for your washer valve. If you don’t want to replace your washing machine valve often then it is better toshut it down when it is not in use.   

Does a washing machine need a check valve?

You need a check valve for preventing backflow. But the height of a standpipe is good enough to provide the same feature on your washing machine. The hose needed to be rise above the standpipe to install it. So, there is no need for a check valve in your washer.

How do you fix a leaking shutoff valve on a washing machine?

Remove the handle from the washing machine. After that, you need to tight the nuts of the washer with a wrench and reattach the handle. Start the washer and check for any leakage. If it does not work, then you should tight a little bit more with a wrench. Make sure you don’t over-do anything. Take professional help if it does not work for you.  


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