Washing Machine Belt

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Washing machine belt is an essential part of the washer. You need to know about the installation process of the washing machine belt. Break down of a washer belt can lead to different types of problems which will make your washing machine hard to work with. Step by step, how you can replace a washing machine belt is discussed below.

Washing Machine Belt

How to replace a washing machine belt?

If you are facing any spin problem inside your washing machine then first you should look for the washing machine belt condition. If it is not working properly, then the next step is to replace it with a new one. With proper tools, you can do the work by yourself. First, cut off all the power supply of your washer before starting the instalment process. Access panel needs to be removed so that you can get access to the belt. The panel can be on the back or front of the washer, which depends on the types of washing machine you are using.

Some washing machine may have a belt cover. If your washer has one, then it needs to be unscrewed. A broken belt can be easily removed from the washer. If you find it tough to pull off then, you should loosen it first. After that, you need to have the best washing machine belt for your washer, so you don’t need to change it again soon. Make sure its flat side faces outward and align it around the drum pulley. Do the same with the motor pulley with the belt alignment. Spin the drum and your washing machine belt will start running again like a new one.

Why do you need to change a broken washing machine belt?

The smooth spin that you see inside your washer occurs because of the washing machine belts. Sometimes, it might not be broken but may slip off the washer. You just need to align it properly to make it work again. Washing machine usually does not make much of loud noise, but if you are facing one, then you should look for the belts.

Uneven alignment can be the reason in this case. A broken washing machine belt will stop the proper spin of the washer. If you want to work with it again, then there is no other way rather than replacing the broken one. Sometimes, you may also see some water fill-up problems in your washing machine because of broken belts. So, you need to replace a broken washing machine belts to use the washing machine again.