Top Loading Washing Machine Shakes

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Top-loader washing machine with a shock absorber makes sure that the machine remains stable during the spin cycle. But the shakes problem of your washing machine arises when the shock absorber gets damaged or unable to function properly.

At that time, you are going to see the washing machine shakes problem in your washer. More on this topic is discussed down below.

Top Loading Washing Machine Shakes

How to know your washing machine shock absorber is damaged?

First, you should cut off all the power sources for your washing machine. Different models used to place their shock absorbers in different location inside the washing machine. You just need to know your model and check out their official sites to know where the shakes remover is placed in your washing machine.

Besides, you can also go throw the manual guideline that comes with your washing machine.
Broken shock observers of your top-loading washing machine can create leakage problem on your washing machine. You also need to look for the broken attachments and shock absorbers parts. If you find any of these problems in your washing machine, then you need to fix this issue to get rid of this top-loading washing machine shakes problem.

How to fix the top-loading washing machine shakes problem?

Sometimes uneven cloth piles can also be the reason for your washer shaking. You just need to remove some clothes and restart the washing machine to fix the problem. Make sure your washing machine is level to the ground. If you face the shaking problem with a new washing machine, then you need to look for the shipping bolts.

You just need to unscrew them if that is the case for your top-loading washing machine shaking. Running an empty cycle can be very helpful to figure out what is causing the shaking problem in your washing machine.

If nothing works out, then, you should go for the shock absorbers. Check out for the internal problems and fix them. After a certain period of use, washing machine shock observers can even break apart or get weak. Most of the shock absorbers parts are available to replace the faulty one.

If you find it hard to get one perfect for your washing machine, then it is best to contact the manufacturers of your washing machine. Attaching the new washing machine shock absorbers is not that hard, and anyone with knowledge of washing machine parts can do it. Besides, you can also hire professionals to get your work done.