Is Dishwasher Rinse Aid Safe?

Is Dishwasher Rinse Aid Safe
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I have been using a dishwasher from a very young age. At that period, I never get to know about the rinse aid of the dishwasher. It is a new inclusion on the dishwasher and like you, I was also a little curious about it. After vast research, I am here to share with you that it is safe or not and much other quality information regarding this topic. I will help you to disclose the misconception that has been rounding on your mind. You need to read the article carefully to know the inside story about the rinse aid.

Is Dishwasher Rinse Aid Safe

Why do you need a rinse aid in your dishwasher?

In one word, if you want to know what is rinse aid, then the answer is surfactants. It is a kind of substance that works as a cleaning agent inside your dishwasher. In our mug or dishes, when we pour water, then it has a tendency to build droplets mark on it. The work of rinse aid in a dishwasher starts at this point. They work so that no watermark stays on your dishes.

At this point of view, it is necessary and beneficial for you to have a rinse aid on your dishwasher. Many people use home products like vinegar to do this kind of product. It is capable of doing the same work but it is better for you to go with the rinse aid so that it can save you some time. But the question still left that are they safe for your health. I will try to answer the question on the next question.

Is Dishwasher rinse aid safe for your health?

Well, the answer can be both assertive and negative because it depends on the ingredients of the dishwasher rinse aid. If it has been manufactured with things which are not so healthy, then it can bring some concern to your life. But if the ingredients are safe, then there is nothing to worry about. You can easily play with your dishwasher rinse aid and stay safe at the same time.

Environmental Working Group (EWG) has done research on this topic. They find out that ingredients like Antiredeposition agent, Oxybenzone, Triclosene Sodium, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, etc. are very harmful to your health. But there are also products like Ecover Rinse Aid, Clear Rinse Aid or Seventh Generation Free Rinse Aid which is totally safe. So, it mainly depends on the ingredients on your rinse aids. Learn more about symbols for dishwasher safe          

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