How to ship a washing machine?

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Let me guess that you are asking that for your online shop. In this case, shipping distance will vary the cost but the packaging is going to be the same. You need to be careful when you are shipping a washing machine as it can’t take much hard, pressure. Packaging needs to be good so that it can withstand heavy obstacles on the road. With the washing machine, there is some other detached part too like the hoses, vents and water hookups. Create a different packaging for that but they are going to get in the same box.

How to ship a washing machine?

Hard shipping terrain

The road of the shipping might not be as good as you expect. Washing machine has doors and they can be opened from one side. So on the shipping road, they might get opened and get damaged. So, you need to do some sealing on the door. Use rape to secure the washing machine door to avoid this problem on the shipping. Washing machine bodies are fragile and can be broken when comes in contact with something hard. And no shipping company can assure you that it is not going to come in contact with any hard materials.

Bubble wrap and foam the whole body of the washing machine can be a solution for the problem. The wrapper will take the hard contact and stop the pressure to touch the body of the washing machine. Most of the modern washer has shipping bolts which will help the washing machine to hold in a single position when on the move. Use them to make the shipping more secure for your washing machine. Shopping bolts are just for shipping purposes. You should get rid of them before starting the washing machine for service.

Best Shipping Service

Put the washing machine and other parts on a tight box with some wrapper on the empty space. If you find it complex for your need then you should go for a shipping company. There are many shipping companies that offer packaging and shipping at the same time. It will take some more money but that is the best option when you are not so familiar with this type of work. Besides, professional people make the washing machine shipping safer for yo