How far can a washing machine be from the drain?

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Washing machine becomes one of the key gadgets of the modern house. It makes your life easier and allows you to spend some quality time with your family. But a washing machine has many parts and all of them have their own information.

How far can a washing machine be from the drain

Gathering all of them in one place is a tough ask but not impossible. One of the key components of the washer is the draining process. After every wash of your clothes, drain water is pushed out of the machine in a unique process. It is important to keep your washer fresh and clean for the next cycle.

The most important part

Without this step, it is going to be almost impossible and the best thing is that it is an automatic process. A drain pipe is connected with the washing machine and responsible for the whole process.

Besides, a powerful motor is also there that takes care of the flow of the water. It takes the waste to the drain. Drain pipe needs specific installation so that the following remain stable and you get the best out of your washing machine.

The connection between the washing machine and the drain is the drain hose. So, you need to have proper knowledge about it.

Drain pipes default length can be around 1.5 meters or 5 feet. There are many other drain pipes that can get larger than that. Besides, the drain pipe can be extended according to your need.

Drains can be far from your washing machine and that can’t be a problem as long as you have the length on the drain pipe.

The drainpipe doesn’t follow the straight line so the length should be determined using the installation procedure. It should not go above the maximum height or the minimum one, otherwise, it can create some problems for you.

Right installation of the drain hose

The distance of the drain from the washing machine can be as long as they want. It is not going to create any problem in the draining process.

Get the perfect length for the drain pipe and install it in a guided manner. Waste water will easily get out of the machine without causing any trouble.

On the other hand, mistakes on this part can lead to microorganism growth inside your washing machine. The distance of the drain does not matter but the length of the drain hose matters.