How to get socks out of the washing machine?

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Socks are tiny wearing that can easily get lost. Well, it is not a problem if it gets lost on the load of the clothes in your wardrobe. The main problem arises when it gets stuck inside the washing machine.

You are going to face lots of shaky problems, irritating noise and even bad odor on the washing machine. So, it is better for you to get the socks out of the washing machine as soon as possible.

When the washing machine starts to spin then the clothes start to jump here and there and that is when the socks can get stuck on the inner or outer part of the drum.

How to get socks out of the washing machine

Locate the socks

While there is a problem, there is also a solution besides it. Get something that is pointy at your hand and open the door of the washing machine.

First, look for it to locate the socks and if you fail then use your hand to locate it. When you have located the socks position, then use the pointy instrument to reach inside the washing machine.

Wedge the instrument and hook it on the socks. Pull out the sock from the washer and you are done. Small hands will find it easier but large can also work.

Be careful with the instrument choice so that you don’t damage anything in the process.

It is easier to get rid of the stuck socks if it is on the inner drum or the door seal. But the work becomes harder when the socks fall under the drum.

You will need some extra instruments for this work. You have to unscrew the heater or the sump hose to reach the place.

If you are not so fond of this work then take some help from professional people who often do these types of work. After you get the sock out of the washer then it is time to again screw it back.

It can be a little hard so I will not recommend a beginner to do this work on their own.

Take the precautions

It is better to be careful so that you don’t fall into this situation once again. You can use a safety pin and it will bring great relief to your work.

Washable mesh bags are also used to get rid of this problem. You will find pin online which is specially designed for the socks. Follow these tips and never fall into the same trap again.

Hope our suggestion will help you to get the socks out of the washing machine. Further solution fold on the tips that we share with you.