Dishwasher versus Hand Washing Water Consumption

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Water consumption is an important point when it comes to washing dishes. You can either do it by your hand or the dishwasher. It is the question of the mass which method consumes most of the water. I will try to show you a result of dishwasher versus hand-washing water consumption. You will definitely get a proper overview of the whole scenario of water consumption. It will also help you to make some decisions on washing the dishes with hand or with a dishwasher.

Which way of washing dishes consumes the most water?

Our team has decided to take a test and bring some results on the dishwasher versus hand-washing water consumption. We have used water flow meters to measure the consumption of water by the faucet and the dishwasher. Four dishes have been chosen for the complete test. Two of them are full of oil, and the other two are one cheese. One individual work in washing two dishes with regular soap by hand, and a premium dishwasher is used to clean the other two dishes.

The result was a little shocking. We find out that the water consumption in the dishwasher is 3.5 times less than the hand wash. It also takes lots of time comparing to the dishwasher wash. There is no doubt that dishwasher wins the water consumption test in a significant margin. Now, it is after you what you are going to choose your dish-washing work. A dishwasher can be a good option if you are concern about the water consumption by the dish hand wash.

Why dish hand wash consumes more water comparing to the dishwasher?

There is always a big difference between humans and machines. A perfect tool can be flawless, but humans never can be. We are not programmed like a machine. Everything in a dishwasher comes with a presetting. Companies spend a lot of resources at making the products perfect. After much research they come up with a number which will be preset for the dish wash work. But when a human hand does the job they consume different amounts of water at different times.

The pressure cycle of the dishwasher can also be chosen according to your needs. This thing also helps the dishwasher to cut down heavy water consumption. Dishes rubbed by soap and hand need to put underwater for a more extended period of time comparing to the dishwasher wash. Sometimes, hand also wastewater which is also not even required. It is clear that low dishwasher water consumption rate makes the product in demand.

Why is the water consumption rate important in washing dishes?

Earth is full of water, then why we are concern about water consumption? It is because most of them are salt-water and can’t be used in regular life work. Many parts of the world do not even get enough fresh water to drink in their homes. We need to be careful when using freshwater. At this point, it is every human duty to consume less water as much as possible. Dishwasher versus hand-washing water consumption shows you the path to how you can take down the water consumption rate at your home. Learn more about dishwasher safe symbol   

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