What should a dishwasher do to make sure a sanitizer will work well?

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We always try to keep aware of things that we can see but what about the things that we can’t see. There are many bacteria and germs that are lurking around but you have no idea about that. The dishes might look fresh but still, there can be harmful substances that can be harmful to your health. You need to be careful and go for the right shot and in this case, proper sanitization is the right one. Things will not get messy when you have the best dishwasher sanitization option by your side. If you are looking to know about the way to test your sanitizer workability then you are in the right place. We are going to share all the details down below.

What should a dishwasher do to make sure a sanitizer will work well

Types of Sterilization out there

You want to know about the quality of the sterilization but before knowing about the methods they follow you will not able to get the full picture. You need to dig deep into the procedure that a dishwasher follows to sterilize dishes. Mainly as we know today there are two methods out there for sterilization when it comes to dishwasher, heat sterilization and chemical sterilization. In both cases, water level plays a vital role. The temperature margin on the water sterilization is between 171 degrees to 194 degrees.

It should not go below the minimum number or above the maximum number otherwise, you are going to face some problems. If it goes above the temperature that there is a possibility that it might cook the remaining food in the dishes. On the other hand the chemical sterilization, they are using chlorine-based sanitizer. Ammonium and iodine are also used as the main sanitizer chemical. The chemical concentration should not be too much otherwise that can also backfire on your health. Chemical sterilizer keeps the water temperature near 120 degrees.

Testing the performance of the sanitizer

Before going for the testing, you need to be careful about the water supply of the dishwasher. It will be better if you have two dishwashers, one for cleaning the dishwasher and the other one will do sanitization. If you don’t have that luxury then you need to regularly clean the bottom of the dishwasher. When you make sure about these things only then you should go for the testing of the dishwasher sanitizer. Test strips need to be used for chemical sterilization and it is also the easiest method available for the public.

If you see that your chemical sterilization is not working then you should test the water sterilization. Test the water temperature and make sure that the water temperature is right in the margin as recommended. If it also does not come according to plan then you need to take immediate action. On the other side, if it works and the sanitization is working properly still need to be careful about your dishes. It does not need much to get germs on your dishes. Never stack wet dishes as it may call an end to cleanliness.