Dishwasher Safe Symbols | Dishwasher Safety Guide

The work of dishes started in the morning and ended up at dinner. Well, some may even use them at midnight for a snack. Many oily and sticky substances left-over hard stains on them. It is a hard job to get rid of them. If you have a dishwasher then the work became easier for you. You should have a proper knowledge about the dishwasher safe symbols to get rid of extra trouble at your dish cleaning. Symbols will help you to know about the proper wash of your dishware. I am going to show you most often used dishwasher safe symbols. Let’s check what is up there for you.

What does the dishwasher safe symbol mean?

Modernization of the world as introduced us to many new things. We use symbols or words to describe their work or how they need to be used. Not only is dishwasher but in all types of product, you will find different types of symbols. If you know the true reason for these symbols then you can get the best out of your machine otherwise it can be a nightmare. You may find some world recognized safe symbols when it comes to clothes but unfortunately the same can’t be said for dishwasher safe symbols.

There is almost no universalized safe symbol for dishwashers. Every single manufacturer has their own customized symbols. Still, there are some ways to understand them all, and I will describe them to you. Like, you will always see that the plates will be symbolized by a circle. It is very important to have a proper idea of what you can’t put in the dishwasher and need some handwork. All the information will be elaborated in this article.

What does dishwasher safe symbols look like?

Dishwasher has been in the business for a long period of time. It is very important to know what kind of product is safe to use in your dishwasher. Despite all these year journeys, dishwasher still does not have any standard safe symbols. Different manufacturer marks their own symbols according to their design. There are some look-a-like dishwasher safe symbols which you may find in some of the top brand dishwashers most often, and they are discussed down below.

Two Dishes Washing dishwasher safe symbol

Two Dishes Washing dishwasher safe symbol

The first point out dishwasher safe symbol is showing two dishes on the rack of the dishwasher. It is being washed by water which is symbolized by the lines. It indicated that you could wash two different sized dishes at the same time.

One Dish and Water Droplets dishwasher safe symbol

The second one is almost the same as the first one. But there is only one dish at this symbol which has water droplets above it. It means that you can wash specifically sized dishes inside it without anything to worry about.

Dishwasher safe on Top Rack Symbol

Dishwasher safe on Top Rack Symbol

The third one is showing two dishes on the top rack. Gentle cleaning and low water pressure is a key advantage of the top rack. Delicate items of your kitchen should only be washed in the top rack, and it is safe there.

Wine Glass and Water Droplets Symbol  

The last symbol which you are seeing is showing a wine glass. Water droplets are covering the glass, which means that your dishwasher is comfortable at washing wine glasses.

These are the few dishwasher safe symbols commonly used by most of the manufacturers. You may find many other symbols that are nothing close to it. As the standard symbol is not available that is why it is quite possible. Check the next point to know more about it.

Similar Symbols subjected to dishware Safe

There are many symbols in the kitchen products you may see every day. Some misconception about them or not understanding the symbols properly can lead to a problem. I am here with some of the symbols you need to know about. Let’s check them and what do they really mean.

Glass and Fork Symbol

Glass and Fork Symbol

A symbol of a wine glass and a fork behind it indicated that the material which has been used in its manufacture is safe to come in contact with foods. Some people think that it means it is safe to use it in the dishwasher which is entirely wrong.

Radiation Waves Symbols for microwave 

Radiation Waves Symbol for microwave

There are different types of radio waves symbols. Most often, it means it is safe from microwave use. Sometimes it may also indicate that it is not safe for oven or grill. You need to look properly on the wave indication to get the obvious meaning of the symbol.

Snow Flake Symbol

Snow Flake is an indication of coldness. You need to know that every kitchenware out there is not good for cold storage. But this specific sign means that your kitchen product is safe to store in the freezer.

Snow Flake Symbol

You need to have proper knowledge about them if you want your kitchenware to last for a longer period of time. Manufacturers use them to let you know how to use them safely. Knowing about the product symbols will make it easy for you to maintain the quality of the product. Only the dishwasher approved products should be washed in dishwashers.

FAQ about “Dishwasher and kitchenware Safety”

There are some common questions about dishwasher which arises in our mind from time to time. In this section, I will try to answer some of them so that you can get relief from these problems. It will help you to know more about your dishwasher and guideline to how to use it properly.

Can ceramic go in the dishwasher?

Most of the plates which are made up of ceramic are safe to use in the dishwasher. If you have any doubt about it then you can contact the manufacturer or check the dishwasher safe symbols on it. Just throw them in and let them do their work and hopefully, they will do a great job.

Is Rubbermaid dishwasher safe?

Rubbermaid food containers are an important part of our kitchen work. It is entirely safe you wash them using your dishwasher which makes the work easier for you. Choose the cycle and set the time and get a perfect cleaning at the end.

What plastics is dishwasher safe?

HDPE, LDPE and Polypropylene all are safe for washing in a dishwasher. But the location and temperature are very important in this case. You need to be precise about setting the temperature and always put them on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Can you put plastic on the bottom rack of the dishwasher?

The previous question answer is close to this one. You can’t put plastic on the bottom rack because it can potentially burn it down. You should always make sure that they are in the top and water cycle is also working properly.

Can I put brass in the dishwasher?

Brass has a colour of its own which can be damaged if washed in dishwasher. They should be washed by hand with lots of care and need to make sure that you don’t put much pressure at once. Take it easy and let the beauty of brass to stay for a longer period of time.

Is Tervis tumblers dishwasher safe?

Tervis tumblers have the ability to survive in the dishwasher wash. You can easily do it using the top rack. If it does not fit in the top rack, then you can place in the down rack but make sure it is far from extra heat.

What is the dishwasher safe symbol on plastic?

If the plastic is recyclable then it is also entirely safe for dishwasher wash. You will also find some symbols which will help you out to figure the potential. When you see some dishes and water lines then you need to understand that it is entirely safe for the dishwasher in the top rack.

Is ceramic mug dishwasher safe?

Ceramic has no problem with the washing in your dishwasher. You can put them on the top basket and get the job done. But ceramic-like porcelain is not so good for dishwasher wash. It is better to wash them on your own hand.

What happens if you put something not dishwasher safe in the dishwasher?

First of all, you should never put this kind of thing in your dishwasher. This can lead to a lot of other problem in your dishwasher. Deterioration and system fault can be caused because of this kind of work. If you want to work with your dishwasher for a longer period of time, then it is recommended not to do these things.

What is the dishwasher safe water bottle symbol? 

You can look for the word which says “dishwasher safe”. Besides, there are some symbols which also state the same things. Symbols like plates underwater shower are an indication of dishwasher safe water bottle. Sometimes, they also use bottles symbol instead of plates. Unfortunately, there are not any standard symbols for this one too.

How to avoid common Dishwasher Mistakes?

You need to be precise that this product is dishwasher free. If you have any type of doubt it is better to avoid them and wash them using your hand. Keep your water line in check from time to time so that you do not cause any permanent damage to your dishwasher. You can also contact the company of the tools to know about the inside story.

Precious dish or other kitchenware is better to wash it by your hand. It is better to keep them away from the heat of dishwasher. Give a quick wash before putting your dishes in the cycles so that you can get a sparkling cleaning. Never put any unsafe product inside the dishwasher. If you follow these simple points then you can easily have a great time with your dishwasher.

29 Items you should not put in the dishwasher

Dishwasher can’t help you in all types of washing. There are things which you should never put in a dishwasher. I have created a list of them so that you can keep away from them and maintain your dishwasher in a correct manner.

  1. Sharp knives: Knives are sharp, and it is made to cut things. If you choose to put them in a dishwasher then there is a risk of getting injured. The sharpness can also be hampered if you put a knife inside a dishwasher.
  2. Hollow-handled knives & Graters: Handled knives come with a handle with a low melting point most often. You will need to wash them by your hand. Otherwise, you will get a knife without a handle after the wash. The same thing goes for the graters.
  3. Cookware with burnt-on stains: Burnt stains are hard to remove from your cookware. Even dishwasher can’t do the work for you. You will need something sharp to push it out of your kitchenware. A good detergent can give a good companion for your hand at this work.
  4. Nonstick Pots, Pans & Trays: It is important to search for the dishwasher safe symbol before putting any nonstick pots, pans and trays in a dishwasher. The coating layer of the kitchenware can fall apart because of the heat of the dishwasher. It will be a good decision for you to wash them by yourself.
  5. Copper pots, pans and mugs: Copper is used as a coating on the kitchenware surface so that it can give you a service for an extended period of time. Dishwasher wash cycle is heavy and can tear this coating which is not a good thing for your mugs, pots and pans.
  6. Cast-iron cookware: Cast iron kitchenware is coated so that rust can’t build up in it. When it comes in contact with dishwasher detergent then there is a change of some damage. Regular water and nonabrasive sponge can be an option for the work.
  7. Cheese graters: Cheese graters are close to a garlic press. It will also create the same problem as the garlic press. A small portion of cheese may be leftover even after dishwasher cycle ends. Hands can provide you with the best when it comes to cleaning cheese graters.
  8. China with metallic decoration: you may find that most of the Chinese products are dishwasher safe. But things are a little different when it comes to metallic decoration. It needs extra care during wash time. A dishwasher is a programmed machine, and it is not capable of doing it.
  9. Garlic press: When you press garlic it becomes sticky. A garlic press is not so easy to clean properly with a dishwasher. You may find some garlic attached to your press even after the wash. So it is better to wash it by hand to ensure the proper cleaning
  10. Silverware or Gold-Etched Plates: Silverware or Gold-Etched are fancy things which we love to have at our home. Dishwasher can’t be an option for them at cleaning. They will be better with your hand wash to keep the beauty alive.
  11. Fish: Washing fish inside a dishwasher is not a wise decision. Fish has a very bad smell. If you wash them in your dishwasher then its smell can turn on in your dishwasher. Using your hand at fish wash is the right decision for your good.
  12. Antiques and other delicate items: Delicate items usually are something which is close to our heart. You don’t want them to damage and love stay with them for your whole life. Wash them with your hand and keep them away from all types of the dishwasher.
  13. Computer keyboards: Computer keyboards have electrical circuit under it. Coming in contact with water can turn it into a useless thing, so dishwasher has no chance in it. Use a fresh dry cloth at this computer keyboard cleaning work.
  14. Hand-painted ceramics and stoneware: Hand-paint is a liquid thing. The hard wash will melt their colour and the charm will flow away. Only proper hand wash can keep the hand-painted things bright and natural.
  15. Potatoes: Dishwasher is not for your vegetable washing work. Potatoes at the top rack can do the work for you. But the heavy dirt can cause some problem at your dishwasher. Just put them in your basin and let the flow of water wash the dirt.
  16. Milk Glass: You can do it once or two when in a hurry, but doing it regularly is a bad thing for your milk glass. It has the possibility of turning yellow after regular wash on a dishwasher. Milk glass needs some love from your hand.
  17. Teflon: Teflon chemical produces a harmful chemical after it comes in touch of overheat. A dishwasher is like a heat washing box, and it is not for your Teflon. Washing Teflon is not a hard task for you so why not by hand.
  18. Gold-Trim Dishes: Gold comes with a shine of itself. A rough wash will take out the glory of golden colour. It should be cleaned in a way so that its charm does not vanish from it. Hand wash is recommended for gold-coloured dishes.
  19. Dishes with big pieces of food on them: Dishwasher wash pipes to remove the dirt inside it. When you wash something with food on them, it can easily cause some damage to your dishwasher. It is better for you to clean the food first and then wash it.
  20. Pressure cooker lids: Dishwasher is like smashing everything to get the work done. Pressure cooker lids regular valves are sensitive things. One little mistake can cause the entire pot. You need to wash them in warm soapy water and make sure to dry it.
  21. Brass, bronze or pewter: Brass type things also need some handwork from you. All of these things have their special charm and colour. Dishwasher can’t do the work for you in this case. You need to take the job on your own hand.
  22. Aluminium kitchenware: The aluminium kitchenware has a danger of damaging at the hot temperature of the dishwasher. It can also create some damage in the process of washing with others. You need to be wise and use hands at this wash task.
  23. Wooden utensils: Wood boards and utensils come with a special coating at their side. Heavy-duty wash then tear it apart, and you will see start to see the regular rust problem of wood. So the only solution you had is the hand wash.
  24. Many types of plastic: Some plastic product may say that it can be washed in the dishwasher. But it is better for you to wash them by hand because there is a problem of harmful chemicals when it comes in contact with heats.
  25. Insulated Mugs or Thermal Glasses: These kinds of mugs have a special seal in it so that it can keep the water in good condition. When you choose to wash them in a dishwasher then there is a chance of damaging the sealing of the mug.
  26. Acrylic dishware: Heavy water flow and washing them with other dishes can cause some crack on them. It may be small, but it is enough to take its beauty. If you choose to keep it as new then make sure that you wash them with your hand.
  27. Plates you’ve glued back together: If you have used adhesive to repair a dish, then there is nothing bad about it. You can’t wash them in a dishwasher after that because it can break the bond and break it down. Wash it using your hands.
  28. Printed measuring cups: Detergent used in the dishwasher has the ability to tear apart the measuring scale of your mugs. If you care about the measuring work, then dishwasher can’t be an option for you at this wash.
  29. Anything with paper labels: Paper labels can easily fall apart under hot water. The dishwasher water line can be jammed for this certain reason. It is bad for both the machine and paper label products. Hands can be a significant choice at this point.

Find the Right Dishwasher-Safe Items for Your Family

It is a tough job to find a dishwasher safe product on the market. Most of them contain harmful things like lead, melamine or phthalate which can trigger after coming in contact with heat. Try to find something which is free from this type of harmful things and provide you a dishwasher safety. Stainless-steel and metal kitchenware can be a great option for your work. Pyrex, slow cooled glass and ceramics can also be a safe item for your dishwasher. Take your time and go with the best for your dishwasher wash.

Surprising 14 items you can safely wash in Dishwasher

You will surprise to know that a dishwasher is also capable of washing car parts and even your shoes. The wash will be more effective comparing to your hand wash. Dishwasher has also got the touch of the modern age and capable of doing incredible things. Fourteen astonishing items that a dishwasher can wash is elaborately discussed below.

1. Cleaning Accessories

We all use different types of cleaning tools to keep our home clean and tidy. But the problem is the dirt that used to sit on the accessories. They also need some cleaning from time to time. You can get this help from your dishwasher. They can give you a proper cleaning at your work.

2. Beauty Accessories

Different type of beauty product can also be used using the dishwasher. Plastic things like your comb or hairbrushes can easily be cleaned. You need to aware that they do not have any decoration and colour which may fall off in the hand wash. If they are free from these two things than you can get great help from your dishwasher at cleaning them.

3. Shoes

Most shoes which are waterproof can be washed using a dishwasher. Try to remove the extra dirt off the shoes if possible which will reduce the pressure on your drainage system. When you are washing a rubber shoe make sure to turn off heat-dry setting so that the rubber does not a meltdown. Remove all the inner accessories from your footwear for better cleaning. The dirt of the dishwasher can be cleaned afterwards using an empty wash cycle.

4. Toys

We all care about our children the most. You need to keep an eye on their toys and make sure that they are germ-free. You will find dishwasher safe symbols in most of the plastic toys which makes it easier for you to wash them. Keep them away from heat and wash them like the way you love to clean your clothes.

5. Refrigerator Shelves

All types of food are stored in a refrigerator. Sometimes liquid fall or a food rot and create an unpleasant situation. They are dangerous to wash them in hand. Many diseases can come into contact when washing them. The heat of the dishwasher will help you to clean it and even kill all the germs that are on the shelves of a refrigerator.

6. Window Screens

Window screen’s job is to keep the dirt outside of your home. But in the process, you will find a layer of dirt sit on them. Rubbing them to wash is a very hard task. A good quality dishwasher can easily remove the dust layer from your window screens. You just need to set the machine in the right setting, and the rest work is for your dishwasher.

7. Kitchen Brushes

Kitchen brushes are used to clean your dirt of the whole place. You don’t need to keep them dirty and leave it in the corner. You can just unclip the head of the brush, which does most of the work. Place them in the dishwasher and get a clean new kitchen brush which is again ready to clean your dirt.

8. Electrical Parts

When you have children at your home then they love to play with everything and make things dirty. Electrical outlets cover or screws nothing is out of the equation. You can just unscrew the outlets cover and put it in the dishwasher to wash. Small screws should be placed in a way so that you don’t lose them or create any trouble.

9. Pet tools

We used to play with our pets using balls or other types of toys. The salvia of animal is not very good to touch and wash. You need something which can do the work for you. Dishwasher is capable of doing the work for you. But you need to avoid leather things because it is harmful to both the washer and the pet tools.

10. Bathroom Accessories

Most dirt used to build up in your bathroom. The brush jar or the soap case usually gets hard to wash with your hand. They are not much different than regular plates or forks. We can wash them with your plates without anything to worry about. We will get a good result if you have gone with the perfect setting to clean your bathroom accessories.

11. Caps

Americans love to collect their favourite sports team caps. Many of you may even be in the sports profession. Caps need to be washed with extra care which can last its glory for a longer period of time. You can do it using the dishwasher you have at your home. You will get proper cleaning without any hard work.

12. Car Accessories

Small automobile accessories can also get some help from your dishwasher. It is better not to wash them in the main section of dishes rather than use the cup and mugs place. When you have no mugs or spoons to wash then you can use the cutlery basket to clean your automobile parts. There is no doubt that you will get a proper cleaning.

13. Stove Knobs

When you cook foods, then most often few drops fall on to the stove knobs. Hard oil also may be a problem at this time. You no need to use your hand to clean these things simply use the dishwasher. Remove the plastic part and put it in your cutlery basket with your dishes. At the end of the wash, you will get a clean stove knob at your hand.

14. Vent Grills and Fan Blades

Most often a huge amount of dust covers your fan blades and vent grills very easily. It is hard to wash it by hand. Some of us even feel allergic to this kind of problem. The solution to this problem is a dishwasher. Remove the slightly attached dirt from the things using a cloth or garden hose. Make sure that the blades and vent grills fit perfectly into the dishwasher. You can easily clean these things in a preset environment using a premium quality big dishwasher.

There is much other kitchenware that you can wash using your dishwasher. I have mentioned fourteen of them, and most of them fall into this category. You will get proper cleaning like the way you get in your dishes. A quality dishwasher makes your work simple and saves you some time for other things.

How manufacturers make items Dishwasher Safe?

Manufacturers use different types of techniques to make their product dishwasher safe. I will discuss them in this section and help you to figure out how they really do it.


When it comes to plastic, then the dishwasher is not always an option for them. They are not made keeping them the dishwasher safe in mind. You will find symbols which are dishwasher safe. A high melting point plastic can be cleaned in the dishwasher using the top rack by keeping it far from the direct heat.


There are mainly three terms when it comes to producing a glass product. The most important part is the cooling process of the glass. The annealed process is a natural slow away to cool the hot glass which is very effective to get solid stress-free kitchenware. The second one is known as tempering which use a chemical to make the work done quickly. Most of the glass use annealed process which is very good for making it dishwasher safe. Heat-strengthening process is also mostly used in kitchenware which is very effective for dishwasher wash capability. Some of the tempering processes also have the ability to create a strong bond which when withstands the dishwasher heat.


Ceramics products also go throw a similar process like the glass. Slow cooling makes the bond tougher to break apart. Glass and ceramics are completely two different things. When you are talking about a dishwasher safe ceramic, then it should be coated with a glaze. This hard coating can take heat which makes it safe for washing in a dishwasher.

How can you tell if an item is dishwasher safe?

Dishwasher safe symbols are the only way to know that the product is dishwasher safe or not. As there is no standard marking for this so different company use different symbols. Most of the time you will find a bottle or plate symbol under water droplets. Sometimes some of them only use levelled “dishwasher safe” on the products. Search for them to know whether it is dishwasher safe or not.

Here’s What Your Dishwasher Can Ruin?

You need to be sincere about the water line so that foods do not stick to it. It will hamper the overall performance of your dishwasher. You will need to clean it from time to time. Try to make sure that the cycles are perfectly set and use control panel with care. An extra layer of dirt which can be easily removed, remove it so that the water line stay in good shape.

Avoid plastic which is not safe for your dishwasher. Plastic has a harmful chemical which extracts after coming in contact with heat. Even if you see a plastic which is dishwasher safe make sure to put it in the top rack. Don’t go with the heavy wash and never put them near the heat section. Besides, all other product which is not dishwasher safe should never put on a dishwasher.

Final Word

It is essential to know in and out of your daily products. Symbols are used to let you know about them. Dishwasher safe symbols don’t have any international set standard that is why you need to know about them more. I have shown you some of the most used dishwasher safe symbols on the market. We always try to bring some benefits to your life. If you properly follow the mentioned word then you can easily maintain the quality of a dishwasher. Also you can find the best washing machine cleaner for your washer. If you want to know anything else you can use the comment section and we will be there to help you out. Share the knowledge with your near one. Thank you for being here and keep informed.